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Noel Wilson is a researcher, educator, philosopher and writer. He has written regular columns for newspapers and journals. His published works include children’s books, educational and research texts.

Joni is his first published novel, eloquently combining the social insight, humour, respect for the sacred, and telling a good story, that characterizes his work.

He is a long odds optimist, because he believes that people and their ‘leaders’ will one day realize that cooperation is more productive than competition, compassion more powerful than fear, and hypocrisy deplorable.

Noel’s latest book:


A Story of Compassion

Joni was born in 2001, and from early childhood was able to help people reduce their pain. She spent four years in retreat with an Indian mystic embodying a thousand year meditation tradition. Together they modified and redefined that tradition to be appropriate for people today.

She achieved international prominence when she helped cure the President of the United States of a terminal infestation and subsequently disappeared. It was later revealed that the world’s most wanted Terrorist had been cured of a similar infestation.

Regarding Joni. She is an original, Her story is not.

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